• Expert Teachers

    we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality education to our students. Our team of expert teachers is at the heart of this commitment.

  • Quality Education

    The school has advanced modern facilities Equipped projector room with equipments.The school rooms are well ventilated, the school has advanced computer labs.

  • Class Room

    Our school has complete fire safety facility Each room is equipped with a fire (sensor) alarm to detect the risk of fire.

  • Beautifull Wall

    Each of the school The walls of the classrooms and the lobby are decorated with beautiful wall paintings. Which are cover Academic subjects,childhood and modern technology.

Brillent Students Of School

Former students of this school have retired with high honors.

  • SS Khandawala

    S.S.Khandawala Saheb who has retired from the post of D.G.(I.P.S) of Gujarat, while D.G. Shubheshcha visited the school while working in the post which shows his respect for the school efforts

  • JK Bhatt sir

    JK Bhatt Sahib (IPS), Raman Rohdia Sahib (IAS) also retired from the post of Secretary in Gujarat Government, apart from this many anonymous dignitaries are known to have retired.

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